olden golden buying and selling antique old used handicrafts buy and sell old used handicrafts antique vintage items stuff

Olden Golden We buy and sell all types of used, old vintage items, specially those having antique value

   We buy and sell old and used items of collectible value and which can make memorable and special gifts

we invite sellers if they have some exclusive old collectible item

olden golden buying and selling antique old used handicrafts Olden Golden
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buy and sell old used handicarfts antique vintage items stuff
We have some surplus LP Records Outer Sleeves with us. If any one wants to buy can contact us. Very Limited Stock.
 Standard Size to fit Standard Size LP Record Cover. Thickness 2.4 mil (60 Micron) Approx. Non Static
We Also have INNER sleeves for vinyl records(half round). Thickness 1.75 mil (45 Micron) Approx.
buy lp vinyl outer cover sleeves

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Olden golden  the antique shop jaipur is famous for its old items and antique pieces offered at cheap and reasonable prices. Olden golden is a vintage shop jaipur where you can buy sell and even rent old items stuff and antiques old vintage gramophones , antique tape recorders,old LP Vinyl 78 RPM Records,cameras, watches ,inner outer sleeves for vinyl records doors, old handicrafts of jaipur rajasthan and all of India. Other items in our inventory are clocks, old spectacles, vintage coins, vintage cameras, used wristwatches, old utensils,old paintings,furniture, vintage record players and records,used movie and film projectors,films,old fountain pens books and many more old vintage and used items. so visit our vintage shop jaipur .b